FFW Team Info

Intel: 12 folder(s)

Team Captain: JKuhn

Team F@H User: OCN_Intel

Team F@H Passkey: 712d0e0e6dacfb8fd3655c4c046387bb

Team Thread: http://www.overclock.net/t/1615524/forum-folding-war-2017-team-intel

Team Stats URL: http://beta.axihub.ca/ffw_team.php?teamabv=intel

Team Bio:

The Intel team won the 2010 Forum Folding War, came second in 2011 and 2012, slipped to third in 2013, but you bet your bottom dollar we're gonna do one better this year and reclaim our title with your help. Whether you just want to get into Folding, or you'd like to make sure everyone knows that Intel is the best of the best, this is your chance. For those who have non-Intel hardware, you are encouraged to use everything you have available, although it's preferable to use at least one Intel-based system.

  1. - $ilent
  2. - aBigRedBear
  3. - DNMock
  4. - heatX
  5. - jkuhn
  6. - k4m1k4z3
  7. - mbmumford
  8. - Nick the Slick
  9. - Serious_Don
  10. - sirleeofroy
  11. - staccker
  12. - Wyllliam