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Total Sign-ups: 720
Total with Prize flag: 622

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RankF@H UserOCN User ↑
PrizePPD 3 DayStartFinishTotal% Total
589kdon (0)Yes04,033,7224,033,72200.00%
109Lang (0)Yes014,21214,21200.00%
106Lazu (0)Yes044,84644,84600.00%
120lemo (0)Yes0142,648142,64800.00%
143Lime (0)Yes0101,924101,92400.00%
144lktx (0)Yes015,08715,08700.00%
170Loki (0)Yes08,8438,84300.00%
168Luda (0)Yes081,20181,20100.00%
167Lude (0)Yes0451,735451,73500.00%
166M1A1 (0)Yes0183,636183,63600.00%
165m1nt (0)Yes0391,170391,17000.00%
173MacA (0)Yes037337300.00%
179Matt (0)Yes010,87610,87600.00%
110Kyle (0)Yes03,755,4013,755,40100.00%
111Kye7 (0)Yes0547,940547,94000.00%
112kujo (0)Yes0574,972574,97200.00%
117Kepi (0)Yes0143,591143,59100.00%
104ki01 (0)Yes0381,372381,37200.00%
132Kick (0)Yes01,108,5671,108,56700.00%
131kill (0)Yes014,02414,02400.00%
128Kita (0)Yes01,7571,75700.00%
125Kman (0)Yes013113100.00%
133kmon (0)Yes01,1201,12000.00%
141kope (0)Yes0133,170133,17000.00%
140Kopi (0)Yes03,5073,50700.00%
139Kota (0)Yes02,3522,35200.00%
124krs1 (0)Yes043,90343,90300.00%
123kubo (0)Yes0463,250463,25000.00%
176mauf (0)Yes03,2373,23700.00%
164MAXX (0)Yes07,2597,25900.00%
48ncsa (0)Yes075,91875,91800.00%
44Neb9 (0)Yes01,7281,72800.00%
103NeOn (0)Yes08,8008,80000.00%
92NG12 (0)Yes026,88026,88000.00%
91Nick (0)Yes018618600.00%
87Nixx (0)Yes044444400.00%
47NoDo (0)Yes086786700.00%
93None (0)Yes04,5864,58600.00%
94NrGx (0)Yes03,3703,37000.00%
101Oaff (0)Yes01,142,9781,142,97800.00%
99Odel (0)Yes014,83114,83100.00%
98Odst (0)Yes0161,438161,43800.00%
57Nate (0)Yes015,66715,66700.00%
62N256 (0)Yes0606000.00%
54myob (0)Yes061261200.00%
154MiiX (0)Yes01,125,6481,125,64800.00%
162mike (0)Yes076876800.00%
161Miki (0)Yes012,54912,54900.00%
159Milo (0)Yes018618600.00%
46mm67 (0)Yes021,129,96721,129,96700.00%
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